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This is who I am...

reality is fixed; life is what I make it.

Fandoms/Pairings I Read/Write:

BSG - Roslin/Lee, Mary/Jamie (RPS)
Bionic Woman - Jaime/Sarah
Charlie's Angels - Kelly/Sabrina, Jaclyn/Kate (RPS)
Cold Justice - Kelly/Yolanda (RPS)
Copycat - Helen/MJ
Criminal Minds - Emily/JJ
Crossing Jordan - Jordan/Lisa
CSI - Cat/Sara
Damages - Ellen/Patty
Degrassi - Paige/Alex
Fried Green Tomatoes - Idgie/Ruth, Mary Stuart/Mary Louise (RPS)
Guiding Light - Otalia, Crystal/Jessica (RPS)
Imagine Me & You - Luce/Rachel, Piper/Lena (RPS)
L&O - Serena/Abbie, Connie/Nina
L&O: CI - Eames/Goren (occasionally Eames/Barek)
L&O: SVU - Alex/Olivia
L&O: TBJ - Kelly/Tracey
Rizzoli & Isles - Jane/Maura, Angie/Sasha (RPS)
Sanctuary - Helen/Will, Helen/OC
SG-1 - Sam/Jack (rarely Sam/Janet)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Tibby/Lena, Lena/Bee
The Closer - Brenda Leigh Johnson/Sharon Raydor
TWW - C.J./Abbey, Allison/Stockard (RPS), Josh/Donna
Wicked - Glinda/Elphie, Kristin/Idina (RPS), Shoshana/Julia (RPS), Julia/Kendra (RPS)
Women's Murder Club - Lindsay/Jill, Lindsay/Cindy
X-Files - Mulder/Scully
X-Men - Jean/Storm, Halle/Famke (RPS)

from Third Person:
She wants to blame someone. She wants to blame the president because if it’s his fault, then it makes it alright when she kisses his wife in locked offices and finds ways to tempt her into more. But she knows it’s not his burden to bear, knows he is a good man married to a good woman who struggles with her own transgressions.

Abbey never struggles against her though, not unless her fingers are moving too quickly or her hands are too cold.

Repetition Series

Sizzling Hot
aj cook, alabama, all types of music, allison janney, amanda tapping, amy matthews, angela/cam, angie harmon, annie frost, astronomy, battlestar galactica, bionic woman, bones, books, booth/bones, booth/brennan, broadway, bsg, bumper stickers, candice olsen, cds, charlie's angels, chase, chenzel, children, cj/abbey, classic literature, cold justice, comedy, communication, criminal intent, criminal minds, crystal chappell, cuddling, damages, daydreaming, desire, dyi, elphaba/galinda, elphaba/glinda, emotions, family, fan fiction, feminism, fiction, flirting, friends, gelphie, girlslash, glee, glenn close, happy endings, helen magnus, helen/will, helping, hgtv, hugs, i love lucy, imagination, independence, indie music, individuality, intimacy, jaclyn smith, jaime/sarah, jj/emily, jodie foster, journalism, kate chopin, kate jackson, kathryn erbe, kelly garrett, kelly siegler, kris delmhorst, kristin/idina, laughing, laura roslin, laura/lee, law, learning, listening, logic, love, loyalty, magnus/will, meryl streep, movies, music, musicals, my friends, mythology, novels, otalia, paget brewster, patty/ellen, phineas & ferb, photography, physical contact, playfulness, poetry, politics, pushing daisies, quizzes, quotes, rainy days, reading, reminiscing, rizzoli & isles, rizzoli/isles, romance, romantic comedies, sabrina duncan, sabrina soto, sanctuary, sappho, sarah palin, sarah richardson, sarah's house, sarcasm, satire, sensuality, sexuality, short stories, snuggling, southern women, spirituality, stockard channing, storms, subtext, tbj, teasing, the closer, the x-files, thinking, thoughts, tommy smythe, tracey/kelly, tradition, trivia, walking, watching movies, west wing, wicked, women, women's issues, work, writing, x-files, xfiles, yolanda mcclary